Best Price Guaranteed Legal Notices

The Terms

In order to qualify for the travel voucher, the claim must comply with the terms and conditions set out herein and must be submitted in accordance with the claims procedure;
Any claim must be submitted in terms of the claims procedure before midnight (Yaounde or Malabo time) on the same day of ticket purchase on or No claim made after this time shall be valid.
Air France must be able to verify on-line that such lower fare existed and if it is unable to do so, no claim shall be recognised as valid;
The lower fare must be for the identical booking made on or including all taxes and surcharges;
The difference in the fares must be 10.000 CFA or more;
Only the person in whose name the booking was made on or can claim in terms hereof and the travel voucher awarded will be in the name of that person only. Such travel voucher is not transferable;
This guarantee only applies to flights exclusively operated by Air France and for bookings with the outbound flight departing from Cameroon or Equatorial Guinea;
The travel voucher, if awarded in terms hereof, will be valid for redemption within 12 months of issue against a further booking on Air France and if not so redeemed, will lapse;
Air France reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time; The offer only applies to tickets available to the general public;

Claims procedure

A claim must be submitted in writing via email to
The following information is to be provided:
Your contact details:
-First Name
-Country of Residence
-Telephone Number
-Flying Blue Number (if you are a member)
Your Air France Booking
-Booking reference
-Date of Departure
-Flight Number
-City of Departure
-City of Arrival
-Number of Passengers
-Class of Booking (First/Business/Economy)
Offer found on another site
-Name of internet site
-URL address
-Total cost of ticket including taxes
Once the claim has been assessed, Air France will contact you via e-mail.
We reserve the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information.

Guarantee exceptions

The Best price guarantee only applies to fares available to the general public.
Prices not available for the general public include:
- Special fares (Corporate discounted fares, Student fares, Typological fares, Meeting and Conference fares)
- Package fares - IT fares sold as part of a travel package
- Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase and other discount fares
- Price difference smaller than 10.000 CFA

Other conditions

Air France reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice.


This offer shall not in any way affect the conditions of any booking made or the conditions of any ticket purchased.
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